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November 8 - 17, 2024
Hosted by Pat Dorsey


6 days fishing and 8 days in-country $6500.00

Anglers on this trip can plan on arriving to Manaus on November 8, 2024. After overnighting in Manaus, the group will take a charter flight from Manaus on November 9, 2024 where the floating cabins await you.  After 6 full days of fishing, the group will leave the floating cabins for Manaus on November 16th. Plan on flying home on November 17 or 18th from Manaus depending on flight schedules.

Rio Tatuagem - Floating Cabins

Clean, clear water allows the opportunity to sight fish to the extremely rare Vazzoleri (pronounced va-zo-ledee) peacock bass. Characterized by its bright yellow body, pitch-black spotted bars, and striking blue dorsal and tail fins, this species is simply stunning. 

This species of peacock bass is found in only a few watersheds in Brazil. In the Tatuagem (pronounced ta-TU-a-ge) river system, they are the predominant peacock bass species and THEY ARE BIG. These are by far the largest Vazzoleri we have ever seen.  Considering the current world record is 17 pounds, it is very possible that the next world record Vazzoleri lives here!


  • Airport Transfers
  • 8 nights in the country
  • 6 full days of guided fly fishing
  • Hosts and Translators in Manaus
  • Group Size: 8 Guests, double occupancy.
  • Accommodations: Deluxe floating cabins with A/C, private bath and shower. Exceptional cuisine and cocktails, and an incredible staff make this an extraordinary experience. 
  • Single occupancy hotel room in Manaus (Both on your way to and from the basecamp)
  • Round trip charter flight to floating cabins
  • Global Rescue Insurance – covers entire trip with Nomadic Waters


  • Airfare to Manaus
  • One lunch and one dinner in Manaus
  • Fly Fishing gear
  • Flies, terminal tackle
  • Alcohol
  • Gratuities for staff and crew (10% of package price is recommended)
  • Gratuity for host in Manaus ($20 tip recommended)

Destination Fly Fishing Trip To The Brazilian Amazon Hosted By Pat Dorsey

Embrace the adventure of a lifetime while catching exotic fish in one of the world's wildest regions -- all with the help of experienced, knowledgeable guides! Pat Dorsey hosts this guided fly fishing expedition to the Brazillian Amazon where you can take your fishing skills further than you ever thought possible. For 6 nights, you, Pat and a team of guides from Nomadic Waters will explore the remote Rio Negro river, hunting down beautiful and exotic fish like peacock bass, arowana, wolf fish and more. You'll be surrounded by dense jungle rich with wildlife and breathtaking flora.

But while you'll be far from home, this trip is far from roughing it. With the help of provided translators, you'll prepare for your journey in the city of Manaus, the largest Brazillian city in the Amazon. From there, you'll head to The Mothership, a 108' yacht with single and double occupancy cabins featuring private baths, a refrigerator and air conditioning. The Mothership is stocked with everything you'll need, including a relaxing jacuzzi and sauna. Experience a whole different side of fly fishing -- on the other side of the world -- with host Pat Dorsey.

Why Choose A Fly Fishing Trip Hosted By Pat Dorsey?

When you take a guided fishing trip hosted by Pat Dorsey, you'll partner with experts around the world for accommodations and fishing success that you'll always remember. That means you can focus on the business at hand: the business of catching fish! All local travel arrangements, meals and lodging are included. You'll enjoy the tastiest meals and refreshing accommodations, so you're charged up each morning for a rewarding day on the water. We'll help you know what to pack, including all the gear and apparel you'll need. And we'll get you to the right spot for the best fishing according to the day's weather and conditions. We make it easy to have a great day fishing in exotic, beautiful places. Travel in style and fish like a local with fly fishing trips hosted by Pat Dorsey.

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