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Got Lunch Money?

Matt Bennett’s Lunch Money has become one of my favorite streamers. It is available in black, olive, yellow, white, crawdad, fire tiger and many other colors. If you do not have some of Bennett’s Lunch Money in your streamer arsenal; I strongly recommend getting some! Bennett can be reached at to place an order.…

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Colorado Guide Flies

Colorado Guide Flies: Patterns, Rigs and Advice from the State’s Best Anglers and Guides will be available this fall. It includes over 600 flies and tying recipes plus tips from the State’s best fisherman on how to fish their favorite flies. You can pre-order your signed copy now at the Blue Quill Angler now (303-674-4700).

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Spring Has Sprung In the Rockies

Heavy a.m. midge emergences combined with dense afternoon blue-winged olive hatches are a sure sign spring is here. To match the hatch, you’ll need to carry a thorough selection of midge imitations and Baetis nymphs. Some of my favorite patterns include: #20 Mercury Midges, #20 Jujubaetis, #20 Stalcup’s Baetis, #20 Sparkle Wing RS 2, and…

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Pat Dorsey Fly Fishing