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Boxwood Gulch Fishing Excellent Despite Run-Off

Boxwood Gulch is fishing excellent despite higher flows and off-colored water. Don’t let the muddy water fool you…fishing can be excellent if you target the right water and choose the correct flies. Yesterday’s trip with John Higgs was a fabulous day! We fooled a bunch fish with Chamois Leeches, pink San Juan Worms, earthworm brown…

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Scud Populations on the Rise Near Deckers and Cheesman

It’s taken nearly a decade for the scud populations near Deckers and Cheesman Canyon to rebound after the Hayman Fire. The good news is they’re back! And more importantly; the fish are wasting no time eating them. Anglers who frequent the South Platte watershed near the hamlet of Deckers should stock their fly boxes with…

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It’s Caddis Time!

Caddisflies are one of the most abundant and diverse groups of aquatic insects. They are members of the order Trichoptera, which includes nearly 1400 species in North America. The name Trichoptera is derived from the Greek words “trichos” meaning hair and “ptera” meaning wing, which refers to the fine, silky hairs that cover the tent-shaped…

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High Water Tips for Successful Spring Fishing

During the peak of spring run-off you’ll need to adjust your tactics and techniques to match the prevailing conditions. As a general rule, tailwaters will be your best option during the high-water season. Tailwaters will traditionally provide anglers with clear flows and more of a consistent fishery in comparison to unregulated trout streams called freestones.…

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