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Fishpond’s Gunnison Guide Pack

After 25 years of guiding in one of the most rugged canyons in the west, I appreciate quality products that make my job easier. Comfort, durability, and performance are of the utmost importance when amassing fly fishing gear to battle the elements. I hate to admit it—but I’m a gear-junkie! I’m always looking for new…

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Go-To Midge Larva for the Winter Season

With the winter-season quickly approaching, fly-fishers need to break out their arsenal of tiny flies. For the next several months, midges make up thebulk of a trout’s diet. I strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with a midges’ lifecycle (larva, pupa, and adult) and carry patterns to imitate the various stages of their development. Midge…

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Pat Dorsey Fly Fishing