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The Nuclear Egg is a Must-Have this Time of Year

As March unfolds, rainbow trout (cutthroats and cutbows) begin showing signs of spawning. This annual ritual signifies the true beginning of spring and the warmer weather that lies ahead. As rainbows prepare for future generations they instinctively become aggressive and territorial. For the next several weeks, egg patterns are important in fooling trout, especially as…

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Fly Fishing in the Winter—10 Tips to Catch More Trout

Here are a few tips to improve your winter fly fishing game. Being in the right place, at the right time, with the right flies is critical for success. Despite the recent warm weather trend—winter is far from over! March and April are two of the snowiest months in the central Rockies; so we’re not…

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Mysis Mania

Success on several western tailwaters begins with carrying a thorough selection of Mysis Shrimp. Mysis Relicta Shrimp, commonly called Opossum Shrimp, or Mysis, are a major food source for trout, steelhead, salmon, smelt, sculpins, and many other game fish. Mysis shrimp naturally inhabit many lakes in British Columbia and have proven themselves to be a…

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