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Pat Dorsey’s Fly Club, The Perfect Gift For the Holidays!

Imagine, for a moment, receiving a package of the most proven trout flies each month for a year. Pat Dorsey’s Fly CLUB™ is dedicated to bringing members a great selection of seasonably proven trout flies. As a member you have the opportunity to reduce the cost on some of today’s “cutting edge” fly patterns, while…

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Hi-Vis Griffith Gnat

The Hi-Vis Griffith Gnat is one of my favorite midge imitations. In larger sizes (sizes 16-18) it fishes well as a midge cluster and in smaller sizes (sizes 20-24) it imitates a single midge. The Hi-Vis Griffith Gnat is perfect for dry-and-dropper rigs, it’s easy to see in harsh glare or in foam, and it…

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