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Join Pat Dorsey's Fly Club & Receive Proven Patterns in Your Mailbox Every Month

Imagine, for a moment, receiving a package of the most “proven” trout flies each month for a year...

The original Pat Dorsey's Fly Club is dedicated to bringing members a great selection of seasonably proven trout flies. As a member you have the opportunity to reduce the cost on some of today’s “cutting edge” fly patterns, while at the same time receiving home or office delivery with the finest product available. This is an excellent Christmas/birthday gift for any angler you may know (family, friends, employees, and customers).

The flies are tied to be coordinated with hatches during the same time in which you receive them. Also included will be a short history of the fly, the tying recipe, and informative fishing instructions. All of the flies are tied under the supervision of Pat Dorsey and produced by Umpqua Feather Merchants to the exact specifications of the original fly designers. Included each months shipment is a short history of the fly (who created it and what for), fishing instructions and the recipe on how to tie it!!!

Flies will be shipped out FREE of charge at the beginning of each month right to your door!!

Membership options for Pat Dorsey's Fly Club:

Full Membership – Members will receive 12 flies each month for 12 months - $399.95
Half Membership – Members will receive 6 flies each month for 12 months - $249.95
Quarter Membership – Members will receive 3 flies each month for 12 months - $199.95

**If you live in the state of Colorado, 4.7% sales tax will be added**

Flies will be shipped out FREE of charge at the beginning of each month right to your door!!

The Blue Quill Angler considers our Fly Club members our very best VIP clients and wish to honor your loyalty with an expanded discount program. The value of these discounts will certainly offset some, if not most of the cost of your Fly Club Membership.

These everyday discounts will include:

  • 40% off all previous Fly Club Flies (while supplies last)
  • 20% off all non-Fly Club flies
  • Discounts off all retail purchases made in our shop or online store according to your membership level.​​
  • Quarter members – 5%
  • Half Members – 10%
  • Full Members – 15%

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