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Charlie Meyers State Wildlife Area (Dream Stream) Revitalized from Excellent Snow Pack

The Dream Stream is once again living up to it’s reputation with above-average flows; all made possible, from an excellent snowpack in 2014. Spinney Reservoir is full to the brim and a little excess water is flowing over the spillway. This is great news for Charlie Meyer’s State Wildlife enthusiasts. We’ve seen the good, bad, and ugly in recent years with severe drought; but things seem to be heading in the right direction, at least for now. Currently incoming flows are 325 cfs, which means the outflows should stay near 300 cfs for a few more days.


Above average flows on the Dream Stream are keeping both the angler and trout happy. This beautiful brown was fooled with a size 18 Buckskin. Mark Adams photo

Anglers are catching a mixed bag of butterball fat rainbows, cut-bows, cutthroats, and brown trout. The brown trout have been impressive as of late. Anglers can expect to find hatches of midges, sporadic caddis, yellow sallies and pale morning duns. Look for the pale morning dun hatches to intensify in the days to come. The water temperatures are perfect right now–they remain in the upper 50’s which is keeping the trout’s metabolism ramped up and the fish feeding hard.

South Platte regulars should come to the Charlie Meyers State Wildlife Area with an assortment of San Juan Worms, leeches, #18-20 Buckskins, #16-20 Mercury Pheasant Tails, and #16-18 Flashback Barr Emergers. I would also carry some #14-16 adult caddis, #14-14 adult yellow sallies, and #16-18 pale morning duns. Make sure you pinch your barbs, wet your hands before handling any fish, and do not play the fish to exhaustion. The Dream Stream is coming back your part and help protect this fabulous resource!

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