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The Autumn Season is Quickly Approaching

Fly fishing aficionados consider autumn to be one of the most magical times of the year. The change of season brings solitude, consistent flows, dependable hatches, opportunistic trout, and spectacular landscapes filled with magnificent colors. With the days getting shorter, and the end of the season in sight, anglers often feel a sense of urgency to get to the stream.

The autumn season has something for every fly-fisher to enjoy. Passionate dry fly anglers will have the good fortune to capitalize on some of the best surface activity of the year. Tailwater junkies welcome the opportunity to partake in some of the finest sight nymphing of the season, especially for spawn-run brown trout. Spawning brook trout and Kokanee salmon also add to the thrill and excitement of the season. And to cap things off, die-hard streamer fisherman will catch their fair share too, with the distinct possibility of hooking and landing the biggest trout of their life.


Tom Larsen enjoys a beautiful day on the stream during the autumn season. Some of the best fishing of the year occurs during the fall months.

Fall is no doubt the best dry fly fishing of the season. Unregulated streams called freestones are the lowest of the year providing anglers with consistent dry fly opportunities. Deep-bottom release tailwaters provide similar conditionsas the need for down-stream agricultural demand becomes less important in the fall. Autumn hatches are impressive with scores of rising fish feasting on midges, Tricos, blue-winged olives, and red quills as they prepare for winter.

To successfully match the autumn hatches, anglers will need to stock their fly boxes with an ample supply of Griffith Gnats (size #20-24) Parachute Adams (size #18-26), Stalcup’s Trico Comparadun (sizes 20-24), AK’s Red Quill Parachute (size 16) and Mathew’s Sparkle Dun (sizes 20-22).

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