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Prime Time is Here

Autumn is a special time of year. Dry fly enthusiasts are fooling trout with Tricos and blue-winged olives in the slower pools and tail-outs. The dry fly fishing has been nothing short of spectacular! It’s hard to go wrong with a size 20 Sparkle Dun for blue-winged olives and a #24 Stalcup’s CDC Trico Comparadun for the Tricos.


Jeff Mavelli nymphs to some suspended fish that are feeding heavily on midge pupa. A two-fly tandem rig with midge pupa is deadly this time of year.Dry and droppers are another effective strategy to fool fish this time of year. A #20-22 Matts Midge dropped with a #20 Tungsten Black Beauty will fool suspended trout that are feeding on midge pupa. ​

Nymph fisherman are catching their fair share of trout too with egg-midge combos in the mornings and egg-Baetis combos in the afternoon. A size 20 Mercury Black Beauties and #22 Jujubaetis have been good producers.


Jeff Mavelli fooled this beautiful rainbow at Boxwood Gulch with a size 20 Mercury Flashback Black Beauty. The Black Beauty and its variations are great patterns when you seesuspended fish that are feeding hard on midge pupa.

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