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Join Pat Dorsey’s 2017 Fly Club

Pat Dorsey’s Fly Club™ is dedicated to bringing members a great selection of seasonably proven trout flies. As a member you have the opportunity to reduce the cost on some of today’s most popular fly patterns, while at the same time receiving home or office delivery with the finest product available. This is an excellent Christmas/birthday gift for any angler you may know (family, friends, employees, and customers).

The flies are tied to be coordinated with hatches during the same time in which you receive them. Included is a short history of the fly, tying recipe, and informative fishing instructions. All of the flies are tied under the supervision of Pat Dorsey and produced by Umpqua Feather Merchants to the exact specifications of the original fly designers.


Pat Dorsey’s Fly Club is a great way to fill your fly boxes with proven patterns that consistently fool selective trout.

Membership to the Pat Dorsey’s Club™ is$299.95annually (plus applicable sales tax for those of you who live in Colorado) which entitles members to receiveone dozen flies per month. Half memberships are also available for$199.95(plus applicable sales tax for Colorado orders), which means members receivesix flies per month. A new addition is thequarter membership, which entitles you to receive 3 flies per month for $139.95 (plus applicable sales tax for those of you who live in Colorado).

The2017package includes:

January:Bead Head Midge Pupa #20 July: Price’s Nose Picker #18
February: Miller’s D Midge (purple) #20August:Ginger Quill #16
March: Garcia’s Darth Baetis (olive) #20 September: Garcia’s Foldover Baetis #22
April: Lawson’s Thorax BWO #20 October: Kingrey’s Wild Turkey Baetis #22
May:Petrified Pupa #14 November: Simi Seal Leech #10
June:Mile’s Ride Sally Ride #16 December:Skittering Z-lon Midge #22

To order your 2017 subscription, simply click on the link below….

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