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Warm Water Temps No Joke!

We got a much-needed 25 cfs bump in flow yesterday (flows are currently at 75 cfs) on the South Platte below Cheesman Reservoir. While it is not a lot of water, every little bit helps! Water temps are in the 60’s near Deckers, almost 70 near Bridge Crossing, and 72 near the North Fork. Please be mindful of the resource, water temps, and only fish in the mornings.

Once the water temps hit 67 degrees, the angling community strongly encourages a “voluntary NO fish” to do your part. As stewards of the environment, we can make a difference! We are only running half day guided trips at Deckers, with early starts and finishes to protect the resource.

Please make sure you pinch your barbs, wet your hands prior to handling fish, and do not play fish to exhaustion! It’s  important to keep the fish wet, keep your photo opts to a minimum, and get the fish back into the water immediately! If we all work together, we can overcome this drought and let our fish live to fight another day!

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