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The South Platte Watershed: News You Can Use

Over the years, I’ve been blessed to have a great working relationship with Denver Water and the City of Aurora. They’ve always willing to share valuable information that makes my job easier as a professional guide. Having insight on flow projections, maintenance, as well as their day-to-day operations, helps me develop a game plan to…

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South Platte River Update

Many anglers are wondering why the South Platte below Cheesman Reservoir is so low this year? The general consensus is we had an above average snowpack so this leaves many anglers shaking their heads,  wondering what happened to all the white stuff?  I am hopeful that these words will help clarify things. For the past…

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5 Tips to Catch Stubborn Winter Trout

Odd as it might sound—winter is one of my favorite times of the year to fly fish.  Anglers willing to endure the elements can  find a little solitude and a few feeding fish on almost any winter outing.  Winter fishing is oftentimes the most technical fishing of the year.  Fly-fishers need to bring their A…

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South Platte Update…Run-Off Still Prevails

No one is complaining about the high water, especially after last years drought! I think most would agree–I’d rather have too much water, than not enough! Last year’s drought, combined with a flash flood that dropped four inches of rain in one afternoon, caused severe damage in many locations.  Several washouts containing decomposed granite and other…

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